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Chef Royal is an in-demand guest on local and national television – you never know where he might appear next. He could be giving tips for special occasion gatherings, celebrating the fishing opener with great recipes for your catch or building 6-foot-tall gingerbread houses on the Food Network. Click on the links below to follow his latest adventures.

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Sep 4, 2009

Chef Royal Teaches Pizza Fundamentals Jan. 8

There’s nothing quite like a good pizza. Whether your preference is for a saucy, cheesy slice or a more restrained artisan-style pizza, you’ll find something to love in this class. Chef Royal will lead you through the preparation of three different styles of pizza with a variety of toppings for each. Every great pizza starts with a good crust, so we’ll spend some time learning how to make the perfect dough and the techniques for turning that dough into any type of crust. We'll make CRISPY FLATBREAD PIZZA that we’ll cook in a Kalamazoo pizza oven for an authentic crackly thin crust. Next, we’ll put together HAND-TOSSED PIZZA with FRESH MOZZARELLA, WHOLE LEAF BASIL and PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA. Finally, we’ll tackle that perennial favorite, CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA, which you will finish with your favorite toppings. Who needs take out when you can create your own personalized pizza at home?

Click here to register for this class offered through Kitchen Window.