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Chef Royal is an in-demand guest on local and national television – you never know where he might appear next. He could be giving tips for special occasion gatherings, celebrating the fishing opener with great recipes for your catch or building 6-foot-tall gingerbread houses on the Food Network. Click on the links below to follow his latest adventures.

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Mar 6, 2009

Join Chef Royal at Kitchen Window for a Seashore Lunch Cooking Class- September3@6pm

There is a certain charm to eating outdoors during the summer. It seems like food just tastes better when you enjoy it al fresco, with a warm breeze on your face. Chef Royal Dahlstrom has the ideal menu for summer days spent outdoors. Whether you prefer to catch your own fish, or let the market do it for you, Chef Royal's menu is perfect for a night of lakeside grilling or for a quiet dinner in your own backyard. The meal starts with SMOKED TROUT with ROASTED SWEET ONION and GRILLED BAGUETTE. Then we’ll enjoy a WALLEYE SALAD with GREEN OLIVES, ENDIVE and TARRAGON. Our main course is ALMOND-CRUSTED WALLEYE, WITH LEMON AIOLI served with BUTTER LETTUCE and HEIRLOOM TOMATOES. It’s accompanied by tender GRILLED ASPARAGUS WITH SMOKED PEPPERS, ARUGULA and SHAVED PARMESAN. For dessert, we’ll finish with a CHOCOLATE WALNUT BROWNIE.

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